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  • J.A.M.
  • Bible Society
  • Open Doors
  • Gideons
  • Go Tell
  • Asian Outreach
  • JM Nibizi
  • Farmers Hope
  • Jews For Jesus
  • Hospice
  • Malan
  • Word For The World
  • Samuel Kembo
  • Children In Distress
  • Youth For Christ
  • Bridges For Peace



Children in Distress is a community-based NPO. We have been taking care of vulnerable children and the elderly in the greater White River area since 1989. What started as a weekly soup kitchen over 25 years ago is now a major player taking care of the community’s most vulnerable members and ensuring they have a future to look forward to.


We are currently supporting around 3000 children and 230 carers, using as bases our nine Family Care Centres in the following areas: Mganduzweni, Jerusalem, Cho cho cho, Mcogbaneni, Chweni, Kabokweni, Dayzenzai, Phelandaba and Rocky Drift.


Each Family Care Centre provides meals, maintains vegetable gardens and is a base at which children may learn computer skills, sports and art. The centres are managed by salaried staff as well as field workers and local and international volunteers.


Trained staff, known as point leaders, are employed to look after children in outlying areas. They have personal contact with each child on a weekly basis, ensuring that they attend school, receive their food and remain healthy. They also provide emotional support and assist the children in the many challenges they face.


We are committed to the long-term development of the children we support, we take care of their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs. Remaining in a supportive role to them until they become self-sufficient.


In this way, we seek to break the cycle of poverty and desperation, by ensuring that these children grow up to make a positive contribution to their communities.


To volunteer, contribute or to hear more about CID contact Pastor Lauren Murray our Project Manager on 082 466 2154









In 1989 our Pastor began to reach out into the greater White River areas and then establish home groups with ongoing training for all those attending. This eventually progressed into supplying courtesy buses to bring our congregations in the different areas to our home base in White River for Sunday services for the next five years.


Amongst the +-800 people that attended every week, 100 leaders were identified and trained to be point leaders, and each given 30 +- people to look after.


We then began building churches in the various areas, where we still provide Sunday transport for those living further afield.


Now with 8 churches in all, we continue with regular weekly training, and equipping new leaders. The churches are listed below:

  • Dayzenza
  • Mganduzweni
  • Cho Cho Cho
  • Jerusalem
  • Chweni
  • Phelendaba
  • Kabokweni
  • Mcgobaneni















Front-Liners Ministry is a ministry to our church congregations in the surrounding villages. It is evangelistic in nature reaching out to the local community with the gospel.   It started back in 1989 and the Vision has always been to Reach the lost; Establish believers in the Word and to Minister to those in distress.


The Front-Liners go to preach and encourage the congregation to grow in Christ and to reach out to the lost.